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Backyard Biodiversity

Recorded 2010 at Lincoln
Tags: mike bowie, fauna
The video was made for the 2010 MyBiodiversity Film Competition. It was produced to show people what native biodiversity can be encouraged into their backyards through planting native food species for them.
Broadcast on YouTube

Whether your backyard is only a few square metres in the middle of Christchurch, or a large patch out in the country, we can all have some influence on what native species live there if we provide the habitat that they need for their survival. By planting appropriate native trees and shrubs, it is possible to attract insects, birds and lizards to enjoy in your backyard.

This video shows you some of the fauna in my backyard and gives you some ideas on how you can encourage them into yours. So if you like listening to bellbirds or watching lizards or butterflies in your backyard, this video is for you.

A copy of the Backyard Biodiversity in Canterbury booklet can be obtained from Mike Bowie.



Mike Bowie
Technical Assistance
Matt Bowie
Narration Sue Bowie
Content Al Check
Content Mike Bowie
Thanks Lincoln University Ecology Department
Thanks  Lincoln Envirotown Trust
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